Call Center Services

Inbound Call Center Services:

Selimorez has been one of the leading Inbound Call Centre Outsourcing service providers. The inbound services includes providing technical calls support, non-technical support, order taking services, inbound sales, customer services, helpdesk solutions etc. We specialize in the following Inbound Services.

Answering Service

It means a lot in business if a call is missed out. So now don’t miss a single call because Selimorez is here to help you out in it. And so we provide professional Telephone answering services to any business across the World. We combine the advanced technology with the Industry standard customer service and strive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. We customize our CRM to match the client’s requirements thus enabling a systematic approach to our answering services.

Customer Services

For any business converting a user into a customer is important but transforming a customer into repeat customer is more important for profitability. Caring for customers, attending their concerns and resolving them effectively and on time are vital for your business. We offer such professional, polite and affable customer service to any business across the Globe. We make use of powerful call scripting system and handle the customer queries easily and effectively. We offer Customer Service via multiple channels: Email, Chat, Phone

Help Desk / Technical Support Services

It’s becoming inevitable to sell software, digital and electronic products without assured technical support. The customers are required to be consistently supported to keep them happy and to make use of the products and services to the fullest. The technical support feature is the deciding factor for the purchase of the product. Customers are keen to purchase products only with support and some are happy to spend more to get it with technical support. In general any software product or services are used by various people in an organization and users will need to take the help of the company which provided the product for support. A professional technical support will make all the differences.

Enquiry Handling

The way any organization handles the enquiries, gathers information related to a particular customer and his needs/queries, how all these data are stored/logged and the status of the enquiry are important to meet the customers attitude and concerns. We identify your customer’s needs from the first contact with us with our successful enquiry handling service. Usually the emails will get deleted or lost in the ocean of mails received daily, but with our Enquiry Handling service, you can have your customer’s any data whenever you want. We guarantee the on-going successful relationship with your customers by properly identifying and resolving their queries on-time by our personalized Enquiry Handling service.

Outbound Call Center Services

The Outbound call center may be defined as the center that makes outbound calls either to the existing or potential customers on behalf of a company or a client. Our specialization in outbound provides the best creative, dynamic and cost effective outbound call center solutions. Our extensive knowledge in outbound will fulfill all your outbound call center needs up to your expectations and aids you to achieve the maximum results. Our Outbound Call Center Services includes:

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting is crucial for any business, either new or traditional to develop and expand the business. We understand that appointment setting is much more than calling a list of phone numbers daily. Appointment scheduling brings the business prospects very near to you. Outsource your appointment setting services to us and you concentrate on other business strategies. We at Selimorez, with our experienced customer service representatives execute the whole appointment setting task including fixing, canceling, re-scheduling appointments and meetings, just like a Virtual receptionist. Contact Selimorez for flexible solutions of Appointment setting and scheduling at affordable rates.

Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing or Telesales is the most popular, dynamic, effective communications and marketing techniques of these days. Telemarketing services we offer involve interaction with the prospective customers for generating interest in products and services and also up-sell / promote and cross sell products to an existing customer base. We handle both Business to Business and Business to Consumer Telemarketing services with at most professionalism. We have a team of experienced Tele Callers with whom we deliver the outstanding Telemarketing services.


No business is alive without proper follow-up. Follow-up is essential for any business to convert a potential visitor into a customer for your business or product. Progressive and through follow-ups will drastically make a change in the sale or exposure of your products. We offer only highly focused and results oriented follow-up campaigns that will significantly boost your business. You will never miss any one prospect customer with our follow up services that can be done in any of the following two channels: Email follow-up, Phone follow-up We at Selimorez effectively handle your follow-up services along with our experienced and professional customer support representatives and make business more successful.